The American Dream Is A Goal Essay

The American Dream Is A Goal Essay

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The American Dream is a goal that many people continue to aspire towards independent of the many different citizenship circumstances within the United States. Do people still believe that the American Dream exists? If the American Dream does exist, do people have the resources and abilities to reach the American Dream in one interpretation or another? For many people, the American Dream still seems achievable and relevant in their lives, but for others, it seems impossible to attain. Therefore, everyone can make their own realistic definition of the American Dream based upon their personal goals and circumstances. Throughout history, the ideas and guidelines of the American Dream have been altered because of the ever changing economy and society. Despite the opinions of many people, the American Dream is still alive today and continues to be achievable for many different people in spite of social classes, financial situations, government decisions, and various economic opportunities.
Notably, social classes are important to America’s society, economy, and the American Dream. These classes signify the amount of money that an individual or family makes annually. The amount of money that a person makes can affect how many leisure activities they can participate in and how much they can spend on houses, cars, property, etc. The amount of money that a family has also can affect their view and definition of the American Dream. While some people believe that the American Dream is dead, author Brandon King writes an article titled “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?”in which he states that the American Dream is still alive. “I would redefine the American Dream today as the potential to work for an honest, secure way of life and ...

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... climb out of hardship and achieve success. Only then will the American Dream remain alive for future generations” (615). He wants to encourage his readers to still believe in the American Dream. Despite the lack of jobs, the education options prove that there is still hope and opportunity for many people to still achieve the American Dream.
In conclusion, the American Dream remains an ambition that Americans strive towards completing or achieving every single day. Despite people arguing the opposite way, there are many ways to define the American Dream so that it is achievable for every person. People need to break through social classes, financial situations, government decisions and find economic opportunities to help them reach towards the American Dream. The view that the American Dream is still alive today can be seen by the prosperity of the economy in America.

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