Essay on The American Dream Holds The Realm Of Individual Preference

Essay on The American Dream Holds The Realm Of Individual Preference

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MacLeod holds that aspirations pertain to the realm of individual preference as to what activities they should apply themselves to, based on their strengths and desires; expectations are a product of said individual analyzing the bounds placed on them by environment in which they live and, based on that, building an image of what they can really engage in based on said bounds. Expectations are tamed, quiet and sometimes despondent reflections of aspirations, as the two rarely coincide. The American dream holds the two are one and the same, but as MacLeod points out in this excerpt, this is woefully untrue for at least the lowest part of the social strata; I would add it 's not possible for many other societal layers, no matter how privileged they may seem as compared to those residing in Clarendon Heights.
On that note, I 'm not very surprised with the final outcome of events for the teens in the study. I was half hopeful that it would be otherwise, that this would be one of those motivational passages where the attitudes individuals hold make or break their future lives, but based ...

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