The American Dream Come And Gone Essay

The American Dream Come And Gone Essay

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Has the American Dream come and gone? To many people it 's a matter of opinion, but to me it is much more. The American Dream is about Freedom and living out the Constitution of the United States. The amendments to the Constitution guarantee our rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. Everywhere you turn today; our liberties and our freedoms are being attacked. "There is a relentless assault on everything it means to be an American (Snyder)." It is my belief that the American Dream of yesteryear is gone. The corporate and political power in government is becoming increasingly transparent and begs to question, what happened to our American Dreams, our Constitutional Rights, and when did it all go wrong? It is the miss-failings of the number one mission of our government, which is to protect and safeguard our welfare and pursuit of happiness. I propose that it is vital to humanity that we commit ourselves to our Constitutional Rights and protect our liberties and our freedoms. If we do nothing to defend them now, eventually they will be taken away for good.
Today we find ourselves wanting an American Dream but keep waking up to reality. Our rights as Americans are being violated every day. Laws are being passed that diminish the power of our rights. For example, today there are certain limitations put on our freedom of speech called "political correctness", homeland security is invading our privacy by monitoring our social networking and tapping our phones, restrictions put on gun owners are getting tighter and tighter, and then there is a war on Christianity. Christians are the single most group that the government does their best to shred from public life (Snyder).
The Constitution, o...

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...ied. Americans cannot afford to be non-vigilant about our country. I believe all people who live in the United States need to review their American History and the grievances that provoked these infringements today.
Corruption on this planet that we live in is horrible and wide-spread. We need to be concerned with the years of governmental erosion and how it has impacted the Constitution as well our individual rights as citizens. I am no expert on how to turn things around, but one good quote says it all “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for all good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke).”
With that said, we undoubtedly live in one of the most blessed countries in the world, Thanks Be to GOD. We should never doubt the American Dream, ourselves, or allow our comfort levels to blind us to our duties as “We the People of the United States of America.”

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