The American Dream By The United States Essay

The American Dream By The United States Essay

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The American Dream depicts the dream or aspiration of a person or a group to become Americanized and become part of the American society. According to the Oxford dictionary, education is the process of learning and teaching someone about a certain topic or subject. Many immigrants come to the United States with the hope to be able to complete the American Dream where they are able to have a good education, a good job, and where they can get a better life than the place they come from. The United States is known for its good education and it focuses on the education from early childhood until twelfth grade. The United States tests the students every year on certain subjects to see if the student has learned what they need to learn during the school year. The system of the United States in education not only fails immigrants, but also their own citizens. Many minorities, such as African Americans and Latinos, are not able to complete their American Dream because of lower expectations by society. The education system in the United States has failed the American Dream of many African Americans and Latinos because of its failure to break down the barriers these groups face.
The American Dream fails African Americans and Latinos when they cannot overcome the barriers put in front of them in education. For example, one of the barriers minority groups face is low teacher expectations. “Educators [are able to] play a significant role” in a students’ education and opportunity to continue with their education higher than only community college (Vega, Moore, and, Miranda 37). The teachers and counselors in the schools that African Americans and Latinos go to cannot achieve their job expectations and fail to do their correct responsibility th...

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...ood occupation and have a good lifestyle, so they want to come to the United States and have a better life. Cesar Chavez once said “[i]n the final analysis [,] it [does not] really matter what the political system is...We [do not] need perfect political systems; we need perfect participation” (Education of the Heart). This relates that we as a society, we need to get together and grow class consciousness. Whenever we finally realize that society shares a common problem where minorities cannot overcome all of the barriers impose on them and complete their American Dream in the education field. Then, we are going to be able to change how we treat those who are minority and those who have more barriers to accomplish their American Dream and their education such as: African Americans and Latinos. For this reason, many in the society will help them overcome their barriers.

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