The American Dream By Karl Marx Essay

The American Dream By Karl Marx Essay

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The “American Dream” consists of all U.S citizens having the opportunity to obtain success and prosperity through hard work and determination, but, in a capitalistic economy such as the United States the “American Dream” is merely impossible. Low wages are masked as starting points, taught to eventually pay off in the form of small raises or promotions. Competition to obtain unequally shared resources, is used to define an individual’s extent of initiative. In reality, these are all concepts used by the wealthy to deter the poor working class from obtaining upward mobility. Middle class America, the key factor in helping the wealthy stay wealthy, have adapted to these beliefs and concepts, created to keep them far behind. Conflict theorist Karl Marx believed capitalism was the cause of social stratification and wealth inequality. Marx states that in a capitalist system, the bourgeoisie owns the most wealth because of their control of businesses. They pay workers the minimal amount to increase profit for themselves, which is their main goal. The proletariat is the poor working class, who do all the work only for the bourgeoisie, to reap all the benefits (Carl 21). One cannot obtain prosperity and success making the minimum national wage of about $8 an hour. Unfortunately for the impoverished and lower class this is what their hard work amounts to. This causes many American families to fall into the cycle of poverty. Even worse off are the citizens that are homeless, unemployed, and unable to join the working class because of the lack of available resources. Throughout history, wealthy disparity in America has continued to rise, currently at a peak of unstable measures. According to statistics found by the Pew Research Center:

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...n needed to progress in society. Unfortunately these students then turn to negative outlets to fill the void of not having a proper education. These outlets being crime, gangs, and illegal means of making ends meet. On the contrary, structural-functionalist counter believe that providing people with the institutions of work an education will help to close the gap of wealth disparity over time. This idea provided by structural-functionalist would only manage the issue whereas the American educational system needs complete rehabilitation. With the lower class unable to obtain proper education further decreases their chances of obtaining employment that will allow them the option of upward mobility. Subsequently, the wealthy triumphs over the poor. The lower and middle class citizens will involuntary have to work the dirty and low paying jobs that no one else wants to.

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