Essay about The American Dream By Albert Einstein

Essay about The American Dream By Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” by that definition the idea of the american dream is insanity. Americans are stuck in this ludacris cycle with no end in sight, the progress is no longer moving forward but now stagnant. Now with the end of the political campaign and newly elected leader of the free world awaits his turn at the reigns, the aftermath of this election has left America more divided. Americans more than ever are fearful and worried about the future. The American Dream does not exist today because of the low opportunities, and increasing separation of the american people,
The American Dream was so popular because everyone loves the underdogs, against the odds, good guy wins at the end. The rags to riches success story to motivate all americans to just get after it. Stories like Don Won Chang and his wife who came to America in 1981 from South Korea with the equivalent of a high school education. Giving up everything he once knew and risking everything for a chance to make it in America. He started at a gas station, then realized men in the garment business drove nice cars, which inspired him to work in a clothing store. He and his wife saved up money to start their own apparel store, now know as forever 21 and is now worth 3 billion. Starting from nothing and to being successful. That was the old America, a bountiful land of opportunity that just required the determination and willpower to reap the harvest, regardless of where you came from, or who you were.
The American Dream now is a nightmare now. We are no longer a nation united. The election left separation and fear in its wake. The current president elect won using a campaign of...

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... son of a wealthy business man gets to run his own store straight out of high school. The people that believe that the workforce is competitive enough to allow those that are the most qualify to succeed, and they are the ones who deserve it the most. This points fails to see the lack of equal representation in America’s workforce and how divided America is among class, race, and gender. The fact is there is a gap between those who are privileged to have the commodities and resources which make it more attainable for them to succeed and believe in the American Dream, but for the rest of America, it seems like a tunnel with no light at the end.
The American is Dead unless significant changes are made that push towards equality, America will stay separated and we will lose our patriotic backbone and no longer be the world 's leading superpower for generations to come.

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