The American Diet and Obesity Essay

The American Diet and Obesity Essay

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In the 1960’s, the average American weighed twenty five pounds less than they do today, but height may also play a factor as well.(McKinzie) It is said that the average male and female are anywhere from and inch to two inches taller than they were fifty years ago.. Is diet to blame? Or is it simply the different lifestyle America lives today? The hormones given to the animals today are horrible, and then we go eat these animals.
Obesity has more than doubled in America since the 1960’s, putting Americans at the top of the chart.(Avena) With two-thirds of U.S. adults being overweight, studies show that lack of diet and exercise is one of the main causes of obesity in America.(Avena) Junk food, such as candy, doughnuts, Little Debbie Cakes, etc; has made its way into the daily diet of most Americans causing obesity and low energy, which leads to lack of exercise.
Why does America choose to eat this way? While any person loves to enjoy a steak dinner every night, it can be costly. Even buying healthy groceries has become almost twice the price as your normal non-organic groceries. After a long days work, one may get satisfaction from something as simple as a Mcdonalds hamburger, which can contain up to 10 grams of saturated fat in one burger and 970 milligrams of sodium.("The Five Most Unhealthful 'Gourmet Burgers': Results.") A healthy diet takes a lot of dedication and can be very expensive, but just a small change in the American diet can be very beneficial healthwise later on in life. Though it seems a lot of people in America have not figured it out yet, other countries around the world know the risks that are at stake when not eating the right food and have chosen to better their health by changing their diet.(McKinzie)
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