Essay on American Democracy Is Doomed By Matthew Yglesias

Essay on American Democracy Is Doomed By Matthew Yglesias

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"American democracy is doomed" the alarming article written for the website VOX by Matthew Yglesias is a critical approach to the many problems that can arise in our current political system. The article, written in October of 2015, is for the online publication VOX founded by Ezra Klein, who has been a prominent figure in our media system. The author argues that because we have a president and a congress that are both elected to their positions separate of one another, that constitutional crises will occur. While the Matthew Yglesias does provide some powerful examples of recent presidential administrations flirting with unconstitutional deeds, and claiming that these actions will lead to "a collapse of the legal and political order". However while studying American history we can find many other similar events in which a president may have acted in an unconstitutional manner which did not lead to the end of political way of life. Throughout this article that may be some points that I agree with while others may grand assumptions that may be effectively argued against in the following. One of the main arguments made by Matthew Yglesias is that in our democratic system every political party that has power in either the congress or presidency will claim to represent the will of the people. And when those two voices are at odds, the author seems to imply that the inevitable gridlock is detrimental to the public 's interest and in many cases there aren 't efficient ways of dealing with opposing ideas in our system. We then get some insight into parliamentary systems of government and how they resolve such issues according to the author. The main argument is that a prime minister can simply be replaced by the majority party in a parli...

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... cause severe damage to the integrity of their political system as a whole. It seems as though this real incident is supposed to show us how easy it could be to have our own country 's fate suffer from the same problem of divided government. Trying to compare a coup in Honduras to gridlock in Washington seems like a weak comparison. One of the main arguments Yglesias points out is how the military was forced to intervene causing all sorts of chaos. This example is supposed to show us a real life example of what can happen when political discourse reaches a breaking point, however in our governing system we have the Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the federal government from using our conventional military branches to enforce the will of our federal government officials. It seems like in our political system performing any kind of coup would be extremely unlikely.

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