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The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man Essay

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“All men are born free and equal, in dignity and in rights, and, being endowed by nature with reason and conscience, they should conduct themselves as brothers to one another,” (Organization of American States, 1948). The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man is a significant legislative document that is often disregarded which lists the fundamental privileges and obligations of those who choose to become members of the United States of America. Healthcare is a substantial aspect of a person’s dignity and well within that person’s rights to obtain, however that is not the actual case when living in the United States of America. All Americans, though born “free and equal”, are not all capable of obtaining the same quality of healthcare that is necessary for a healthy life. Based on this fact, the objective of this essay is to discuss the newest efforts already taken and scheduled to be effected in order to extend medical assistance to all Americans.
Although President Barack Obama is the first African-American president of the United States, he has created uproars in office for a variety of methods to running the country in hopes of creating a positive influence. One of his most controversial feats was the institution of his new healthcare policy known as the Affordable Care Act. This is a three-year policy intended to drastically improve the quality and access to medical care to all legal residents of the country. Upon its initial institution, assistance to the masses were immediately extended in manners such as rebates to senior citizens who had excessive prescription bills, credits to businesses that assisted employees with medical coverage payments, and initial accountability to insurance companies along ...

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...the country’s standard of healthcare, longer, happier, and healthier lives will ensue for all.

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