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American Culture 's Perception Of Sports Essay examples

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All people speak a language and many can speak multiple. Yet, language is not simply English, Spanish, French, and the many others; it is the art of communication that is comprised of dialects, accents, behaviors, and even unspoken rules. Language is continuously affected by these kinds of influences, as well as others, including sports. Sports have influenced and strongly affected language while also impacting the values and structure of the western culture. The many aspects of sport and its environment are what force change on the language people use. When analyzing language and sport it is important to identify the aspects that play into the two. For example, the primary aspects focus on the rhetoric which can be seen affecting the gender debate which in turn alters the western culture’s perception of sports.
Language is able to be portrayed in many ways such as verbal and written words, nonverbal actions and body language, and even pictures. Sport and its presence in the media and overall American culture are promoted through all of these forms of communication; therefore, sport and language influence one another. The two offer ‘sports metaphors’ that are used to address many things including the cultural and ideological issues of minorities and gender (Cabellero, 2012). Issues that are seen being discussed and promoted in the media and sports coverage.
The wide practice of language and sport are so prominent the media uses it for “identity construction as well as a widely adopted intertextual and metaphoric referent” (Meân & Halone, 2010, p. 254). Sport is used so much actually that its construction in western culture seems naturally occurring, even though it’s not, because of the rhetoric and the use of language (Meân & H...

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...eing given to male sports, both males and females reported more arousal while observing sports that featured male athletes (Angelini, 2008). The results proved that the sex of the athlete is a big determinant of one’s psychological arousal (Angelini, 2008).
That is why examining television and the kinds of language it uses are necessary. The western culture receives so much of its sports from TV that it has become the primary way society learns about sports which ultimately reinforces the gender schemas. Specifically, society learns these implicitly (Angelini, 2008). Television is able to reinforce and form stereotyped ideas about gender roles through the language and pictures that are shown which affect the public’s view and helps them to “unconsciously form personal beliefs about individuals or a group of people” without them even knowing (Angelini, 2008, p. 17).

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