The American Culture Needs No Excuse Essay examples

The American Culture Needs No Excuse Essay examples

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American culture needs no excuse to gather in small or large groups for nearly any occasions. It could be a simple gathering of friends to discuss books, watch a movie or even just relax and enjoy ones company. Although, the American culture is formed on informal encounters, we tend to be time conscientious; therefore appointments are expected to be kept and timely. For that reason, if I were invited to a gathering, my promptness would be expected. Furthermore, time is of the essence. Thus, once I arrived I would eat and chat and leave rather quickly. I may even bring an unexpected quest to the gathering. Generally, the atmosphere is relaxed, therefore, little or no emphasis on seating arrangements or guest lists. Gatherings are on a continuous decline with fast food accessibility and American lifestyles becoming busier. However, in the French culture, it is not uncommon or even rude to be late. It is somewhat of a courtesy because it gives the host a little more time for preparation. Additionally, the French are not in a rush or concerned about maintaining a time schedule. Once the guests arrive they partake in conversation and drinks. Eating is important because it is a time for the entire family to get together and prepare a meal and socialize. Seating arrangements are customary and uninvited guest are not. It may be hours before the dinner is served or they have worn out their welcome. The French consider it impolite to leave the gathering before being told to do so, it is insulting. When it is time to depart a brief silence is expected before rising as well as repeated good-byes. These characteristics of the French social gatherings are going to be rather difficult to adapt to. The only course of action I ca...

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...avior”. This model has been used to recognize cultural values furthermore how dimensions such as power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, and masculinity contribute to organizational structure. Additionally, the model indicates how important the value is to the culture; hence a score of 90 is extremely important, whereas a score of 30 is less valued (Hofstede, n.d). As an expatriate in France, it is essential to understand the French culture, thus I will use the “Hofstede Model” as a tool to learn the aspects of the French society and make the necessary professional adjustments to be successful.
Power distance is defined as “the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally” (Hofstede, n.d.). France scored a “68”, thus indicating they accept unequal

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