American Culture And The Slave Culture Essay

American Culture And The Slave Culture Essay

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As we look back on American Culture, each individual has a different point of view. What I took from the readings and lectures was that there are multiple American Cultures throughout history. The autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Jacobs are proof of this notion. American Cultures are created through the slave culture and popular culture proving there is more than one American Culture. People can argue though that these cultures make one American Culture instead of many making this decision very difficult.
American Culture was greatly impacted by the slave culture. African Americans gave the American culture music, religion, and the effect of what power can do to people. It showed the people how power can affect common good; many slave owners originally seemed to be religious and outstanding citizens, but were then shown to be cruel and performing outlandish acts on other human beings. Slavery is a terrible act that had driven sane people into insane people through power. Allowing these insane people to control citizens and turn slavery into one of the most extravagant and worst events to ever happen in American history, considering the amount of deaths and families driven apart. Slaves changed American Culture forever through the difficulties that they went through and the suffering that they endured for some time of their lives.
Harriet Jacobs proved how the slave culture could change us just through her book. By reading her book and understanding how slavery impacted the slaves’ lives, America changed the culture for the better by becoming less violent. We now only have one leader that the country votes on instead of having multiple ones that no one agrees on. American citizens generally all have the same minds...

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...ugh the impact that Ben Franklin has had on popular culture we as people develop the idea that if we work hard like he did, we could make greatness to. This policy makes us continue to strive for what we want and idolize the people that have earned or reached their goals from never giving up and working hard. These generally call these people in today’s world celebrities.
American Cultures will always be shown throughout history. American cultures are always changing because of subcultures and we will never be able to change that. What we can do as people is learn from the change and be able to change with it. As shown throughout these two’ books these two recognizable people were able to change the American Culture through their accomplishments or their insight and inventions. We need to continue coming together as a society and keep making America a better place.

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