Essay about The American Criminal Justice System

Essay about The American Criminal Justice System

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The answer is simple yet complex, organizational goals. The American criminal justice system could be viewed as a large organization. This organization has goals, or a mission, to provide a service to the public. The service the public generally expects from its tax-funded criminal justice system varies from sub-organizations within the major organization. But overall, the public generally expects the criminal justice system to respond to and prevent crime, while also dealing with criminals who have broken the laws of society. With these goals in mind, one can see the importance of collaborations between different departments, agencies, and other organizations that make up our criminal justice system.
Evidence of collaborations benefiting the criminal justice system can be found in departments across the United States. This could be seen with multi-department collaborations to stop drug-trafficking operations. Per a 2009 U.S. Department of Justice press release, over a dozen different police departments and federal law enforcement agencies came together to arrest more than two dozen members of a crack-cocaine distribution network in Greenville, Texas. A statement released by U.S. Attorney Jacks read (reads), “this nine-month long Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force investigation and today’s successful take-down illustrate the value of combining the strengths, resources, and expertise of federal, state and local agencies to fight these drug trafficking networks” (2009). From the statement, one can conclude that a drug bust this large is only possible because several different companies came together with a common goal; this goal was to incapacitate criminals from trafficking drugs and deter other individuals from comm...

... middle of paper ... information and reaching out to those at risk of contracting the virus. But there had been issues with Law Enforcement Agencies(LEA) conflicting with the CSOs efforts. The people who abuse drugs or lead a life of prostitution could not be reached out to because of fear of prosecution from the law. Although they were both receiving support from these United Nations programs, the CSOs and the LEAs still had conflict arise when working alongside each other. It was not until the issue was addressed that they realized that there was a need for better communication and an establishment of protocol (protocols, or a protocol) to help reach their goals. In the end, both the organization and departments started working together in a more efficient manner, and after fifteen years they started covering more ground at a much quicker rate than before their change of procedure.

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