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The American Civil War is remembered as the time when America began to have economic hardships, which also marked the creation of one of the most despised aspects of modern life, the federal income tax. The federal income tax was designed to help fund the Civil War and later became an income deduction for all American citizens to help fund government operations. In the years that followed, debates raged over the constitutionality of taxing individual income and how much each individual tax charges should be. Theoretically, all Americans should pay the different amount of taxes, but in reality all Americans pay the same amount of taxes. The poor struggle to pay taxes because they struggle to survive on a daily basis while the wealthy become richer. The wealthy should pay higher taxes because they have the resources, they benefit more from the government, and they can help reduce deficits.
The wealthy should pay higher taxes because they are financially stable and they have the resources. The wealthy make up 1% of the population but have the most capital. That does not add up at all. The wealthy should not have the majority of America’s money. This is a problem because when you weigh the wealthy and the middle class their unequal, which can cause conflict between the two. The wealthy could use that capital to pay higher tax charges to help with all the debt and deficits that the government has compiled. In Your Taxes, Johnson David Cay says, “While income tax policy remains a hotly debated political topic, most Americans agree that the system should be designed so that wealthier citizens pay a higher percentage of their income, a system known as a progressive tax system” (Para. 3). Cay agrees that wealthier citizens should pay high...

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...dle class and the wealthy America can begin to move on forward to an enterprise country. The middle class can begin to live instead of trying to survive from paycheck to paycheck, which will benefit them greatly. Both parties would be happy. With a more equalized society America can move into a positive, progressive country and economy. America’s economy would improve immensely because the debts and deficits would decrease to the point there would not be none, which would mean America would go back to being the number one industrialized country in the world. America would finally stand on its own. There would be a booming of population, increase in jobs and revenue, and America would be financially stable. Living in an equalized society would benefit everyone as a whole. There would be no more debts, deficits, and recessions. America would be restored and renewed.

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