The American Civil Rights Era Essay

The American Civil Rights Era Essay

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The Civil Rights Era was one of the most important period of the social history of the United States. By the 1950’s, Unyielding segregation was the rule throughout the country, not just in the south. For decades, suburban neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington was majority whites, while the majority of the black population settled in the central parts of the city by force. Further, more than half of the black population lived in poverty, could not apply for many jobs or dealt with unfair employment practices and limited opportunities for getting an education, and their children forced to attend segregated schools. Today, Seattle is considered a progressive state with a reasonable record of racial integration; however, a few decades ago, Seattle, Washington was a very segregated city, with a long history of racism, prejudice, and racial segregated practices. Many stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments, as well as hospitals had color barriers.
Racism in Seattle deepens as people began to migrate from the south to the north during the WWII era and beyond . Subsequently, the WWII era started the stream of favorable outcomes for African Americans in the different civil rights movements. the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) strives to advance civil rights, and removes barriers to equity by enforcing illegal discrimination laws in the city of Seattle in the areas of: employment, housing, public places, and fair contracting. In addition, Title VI (which assures that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, disability or national origin be excluded from any activity), and ADA Title II which grants access to services and programs for people with disabilities offered by the City of Seattle. F...

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...l), Black Panther Party and Community Empowerment (target level high school). Additionally lesson plans are, Town Meeting: The School Boycott of 1966 (Targeted Level: high school History, Leadership, or Government classes), and Martin Luther King 's Controversial Visit to Seattle (target all grade levels. Going back to Martin Luther King 's Controversial Visit to Seattle, this is not something students typically hear, when they learn about Martin Luther King Jr. in school.
It is simple to follow the organization. They have a link to their Facebook page, which allows interested viewers to follow them and get more update information on new and updated projects. Navigating through the site is simple. The site copy right is dated for 2004- 2015, therefore, viewers can assume that that the site is regularly managed and up to date, or at least as often as necessary. The

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