Essay on American Chairman Of The U.s. Joint Chiefs Of Staff

Essay on American Chairman Of The U.s. Joint Chiefs Of Staff

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It Takes a Small Step to Be Big
Colin Powell life is really interesting because he was the first African American Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The commencement speech Powell gives at Howard University show his willingness and determination to overcome challenges. Not letting his race put limitation on what he could or couldn’t do, it shows that anyone can do anything and be anyone in this nation. It also shows how times have changed from the past from African Americans being slaves to running president and doing great things. Powell speech showed me in an encouraging way that you don’t have to be big or popular to do great things.
Buffalo Soldiers were formed at the same time as Howard University, 1867. Buffalo soldiers and Howard own their early success by the faith and dedication of white military officers who served in the Civil War. Buffalo Soldiers showed that Black Americans were capable of doing what everybody else could do when given the chance to have a proper opportunity and education. Colonel Benjamin from the 10th Cavalry Buffalo soldiers formed and comman...

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