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The American Casual Restaurant Essay

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The casual restaurant industry is growing with the rise of Americans interest in unique food, family dinning traditions, and lifestyle changes. According to, the casual restaurant industry is estimated to grow 13% in 2011 and 17.20% in 2012. Americans have come to rely on the industry for convince, a family friendly atmosphere, and the food. Some of the many attributes of the causal restaurants industry is the past history, the consumer and menu trends, and what the market for the industry is.
The causal restaurant industry has adapted to the change in Americans habits and lifestyles. Some of the main restaurants that help define the industry is Red Lobster, Oliver Garden, and the Cheese Cake factory. They cater to the general needs of their consumers a family friendly place, good food, and clean environment.
The industry has drastically changed with industrialization and globalization throughout the century. In the 60’s in rural America the automobile and intercontinental highway system helped expand industrialization. Before that time in suburban America it was common to have dinner at home, it was a treat to go out to dinner. With cars families were able to go out more often to the mom and pop restaurants.
With the culture changes of women entering the workplace, more families had two parents working all day. The parent did not have time to make dinner so instant food and restaurants were a alternative. The interstate highway allowed for a effect way of transportation and communication of goods and services. Food became cheaper due to mast manufacturing processes and easy disruption. With the creation of fact food chains, like McDonalds and a culture shift in America, restaurants became more comm...

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...mated that Dine Equity will post a profit of $1.15 billion in March 2011 and a $4.27 billion profit in December 2012. The company is projected to grow 14.20% in 2011 and 6.80% in 2012.
The casual restaurant industry follows the American and now worldly processes of indoctrination and globalization. The indoctrination brought a need and a new lifestyle that the causal restraint industry thieved with. McDonalds, Applebee’s, and many other restraints have adopted and become world phenomenons. The casual restaurants industry will continue to grow because consumers need easy meals and want options and excitement. The age of mom and pop low quality restaurants is quickly vanishing and being replaced by the chain restaurant. In the future restaurant expansion, culture, and theme originality will ultimately decide who succeeds in the restaurant industry.

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