American Based Media Corporations: Opening the Global Lines of Communication

American Based Media Corporations: Opening the Global Lines of Communication

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The world is separated by many barriers that are today being overcome by technology. Leading the way in this explosion are American based media corporations. Earlier on many businesses saw investing in operations overseas as being a waste of money and time. Americans have had the tendency to think that the world revolves around them. This thought process has kept many companies from expanding into the international markets. The American culture dominance in regards to music, style and way of life is spreading like wildfire through out the world.
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American Based Media Corporations: Opening the Global Lines of Communication

In the last twenty years technology has made expansion into overseas arenas much easier than ever before. Today American companies are relentlessly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the US culture in foreign markets. Media companies cross nationalism is no surprise in light of the fact that they have always been operating on the cutting edge. The media has a great deal of control over what people see, hear and read on a daily basis. Technology has benefited a great deal from media companies exposing new inventions and other advancements for the public to see. Media companies are also responsible for the spread of the American pop culture, which has endeared itself to many in different countries.

The are several media companies capitalizing on the American pop culture boom, but the focus of this paper will be placed on three specific types of media corporations. The Associated Press, AT&T and YAR Communications deal in totally different areas of media but they all have one thing in common, they have intensely sought after the foreign market.

The Associated Press

In 18...

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...In order to remain profitable in such competitive market a company must provide a product or service that spans the global in appeal. The vast media arena is ever changing as innovative young minds continue to find new ways to make success an inevitable fact. In essence the public will have the final say so in which business will sink or swim in the media global marketplace. The tough decisions are made on the streets and not in the boardroom. Over the years the streets have called for a more diversified aspect of the media. The companies mentioned above are leaders in this respective services they provide and will continue to play a major role in global media.
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