American Attitudes Towards The British Essay

American Attitudes Towards The British Essay

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Liberty! Episode 2: "Blows Must Decide"
- It begins with a huge shift in American attitudes towards the British.
- The vast majority of the people in America were extremely reluctant to make the final break with their mother country back in 1774.
- However, more and more folks (especially in Massachusetts) were calling for war.
- Spring 1774, news of the Boston Tea Party has outraged Parliament. The dumping of British tea in the Boston Harbor is seen as an unforgivable provocation.
- In an angry mood, Parliament passed a series of Acts designed to restore Royal Authority in Boston. They install a military Governor and set 2000 soldiers to back it up. They closed the port of Boston. Parliament called these the Coercive Acts; the Americans call them the Intolerable Acts.
- In August of 1774, John Adams leave Boston for Philadelphia. He used to be a Massachusetts delegate to the first Continental Congress.
- In 1775-1776, Adams was at the Vanguard of the Revolution movement. He saw the whole thing as a movement that would transform history and when the revolution broke out, he knew he will be the center of it.
- Adams must convince the other colonies to back Massachusetts. Without their active support, his colony will be left to face England military might alone.
- September 5th 1774, 56 delegates to the First Continental Congress gather at Carpenters Hall.
- Congress debates for 2 months, the delegates agreed to fully support Massachusetts. They also passed a resolution that the colonies should arm and prepare to defend themselves if necessary against any future British oppression. They send a petition to the king affirming their loyalty and asking for the end the military roll in Boston.
- Up to 1774, 13 different movements “Indep...

... middle of paper ... which authority was given to the people who made the American Revolution.
-Common Sense instantly become the greatest best-seller. Ordinary people are making their voices heard, the tide is turning in favor of Independence.
-In March 1776, Congress received startling news, the British have evacuated Boston and are regrouping for a massive invasion of New York City. General Washington rushes to New York to set up defenses. The moment cannot be put off any longer the time has come to make a formal declaration of independence from England. The delegates knew that this is also a declaration of war.
-To prepare the Declaration, the delegates appoint a committee including Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.
-On July 2nd 1776, Congress resolves the colonies are to be independent from England. Two days later on July 4th, the delegates adopt the Declaration of Independence.

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