American And Non Verbal Communication Essay

American And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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what he noticed about how Americans use non-verbal communication. He said that it is very easy to tell when something is bothering us or we are excited about something. We as Americans follow Albert Mehrabian’s thought on non-verbal communication and show our emotions more with gestures. This was something I learned from the interview because I was not aware of this culture aspect we as Americans hold.
During a portion of the interview I wanted to learn how multicultural Canada was. After explaining to Shawn the concept of multiculturalism he stated that Canada seems to be multicultural. He stated that people didn’t care what people’s beliefs were and Canadians do not make a big deal if people hold different beliefs than them. In my opinion this makes Canada multicultural because they may not be accepting beliefs but they are tolerant to other cultures and allow them to coexist in the same environment. Shawn continued on the conversation mentioning how he does not understand why people in America care so much about other people’s beliefs or religion. I agree with Shawn, America is a melting pot and sometimes I believe we are not accepting of other cultures and care too much about things that are none of our business. I proceeded to ask Shawn if Canada had any problems with discrimination because of their laid back views of multiculturalism. He answered yes that they have much discrimination with the native population in Canada. They hold a specific negative stereotype of native people and he says he has noticed discrimination of the native population in Canada. He says that natives are viewed as “trouble waiting to happen”. According to Melissa Gorelick of the UN Chronicle the statement Shawn made may not be wrong
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...wo Canadians I have become more aware of the Canadian culture and have been enlightened on what they see in the American culture. The Canadians have no problem calling us out on our cultural differences which is good because I was able to become more aware of my own culture. Shawn will be moving back to Canada to coach lacrosse and will be residing in Calgary. Over the summer I plan on visiting Shawn and will see if experience much culture shock. In my opinion I do not believe I will experience much culture shock because I have been exposed to the Canadian culture for the past four years. I am excited to broaden my cultural experience during my trip and hope I am able to break through any stereotype Canadians have of Americans. I was happy to interview Shawn and get more information about the Canadian culture and relate the questions to what I have learned in class.

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