American Alliance in WWI vs. Our Failing Economy Essay

American Alliance in WWI vs. Our Failing Economy Essay

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In World War I many soldiers were sent to Europe to fight for the democracy of other countries. The idea of being part of the war was to be heroes in one of the biggest conflict of the world. The U.S. was convinced that if they could send forces to Europe and help the Allied Forces to win the war, they would gain a better status worldwide as the country that saved the peace and democracy. Therefore, the United States government sent thousands of soldiers to fight the war. A big problem came later, when the war finished and the soldiers came back to America, they were broken and unemployed. Thousands of veterans were now without their full capacities and unemployed, so Texas Congressman Wright Patman proposed a bill that would give a bonus to the veterans who had been in the World War I. “Congress authorized this plan in 1924, intending to compensate the veterans for wages lost while serving in military during the war.” (Kingseed, 2004) The problem was that at this moment the Great Depression hit and the economy in the country was terrible, then they had to postpone the benefit. In 1932, when the economy and employment situation was worst, veterans from all over the nation got together and went to Washington with the idea of making pressure to the Congress to pass the bonus. Nearly twenty thousands of veterans with their families were in Washington at that time protesting and demanding the Bonus.
President Hoover was more interested in an economic recovery plan and his own reelection as a president than in helping the veterans to receive their bonus. On one side, President Hoover did not want to be involved in too many changes before the elections, because it could cost him votes and his primarily idea was to be reelected. On the o...

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... a mistake, because it was an abuse toward the civil right of manifestation; also it was a wrong call because there was a despair of forces facing each other, in one side veterans with their families, with anger and starved. And at the other side the army of one whole country with firearms. There is no doubt that the incident was handled incorrectly, but it is necessary to understand the reasons of the acting of the President as well. Facing the frustration of the Great Depression and the economy at the worst moments, the President had to decide what would be his priorities; the fact that the Bonus Bill would not pass was an understandable decision under these conditions. The fact that the President Hoover was afraid of the American Communist Party can also explain why he acted the way he did, by blocking any situation that made possible the fall of the capitalism.

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