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The American Academy of Speech Correction Essay

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When speech-language pathology first came to America there was no certification needed in order to practice. Instead, the first speech pathologists were educators and other professionals who wanted to help others who had problems with their speech. Numerous of the first speech-language pathologists became interested in the upcoming field after they had overcome problems with speech themselves, or people they were close to. Because the first speech pathologists were people in respectable positions, many of their names have been seen elsewhere in history. For example, Alexander Melville Bell, and his son Alexander Graham Bell were both respected clinicians in the times of the first speech-language pathologists. In fact, Alexander Melville Bell invented what is known as visible speech. (Duchan). According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, visible speech is “a set of phonetic symbols based on symbols for articulatory position” (“Visible speech” def. 1). Another example of a famous first speech-language pathologist is the respected schoolmaster from Boston, Elijah Corlet. Corlet helped Cotton Mather, author and participant in the Salem Witch Trials, overcome a stuttering issue. (Duchan).
These professionals felt it was necessary to create interest groups in order to keep the less respectable clinicians out of practice. One of the most prestigious of these interest groups was known as the American Academy of Speech Correction (AASC). According to researchers from the Center on Human Development and Disability at the University of Washington, “Pioneers in the field, including Charles VanRiper, focused on developing a scientific base for research and practice in the field.” The research efforts included creating diagnostic tests in a va...

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...guage pathology requires face to face sessions, the field is also expected to remain stable in employment.

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