Essay about The American Academy Of Pediatrics

Essay about The American Academy Of Pediatrics

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization comprised of thousands of pediatricians dedicated to improving the health of Americans. With a mission to improve the health of America 's youth, the organization had to address ADHD to improve the lives of those affected. One of their tools to improve America’s health is a web page that can be reached by the majority of the public. However, in order for this website to be considered effective, it has to meet the specified criteria of an effective website. The AAP 's web page on ADHD meets the criteria for reliability because of its credibility, accuracy, and objectivity.
The AAP website is reliable because the organization has credibility. On the website, readers are persuaded into trusting the information because of the organization 's expertise and longevity. Parents of children with ADHD will highly trust information given to them by people who have experience with medical disorders. “The AAP currently has...more than 41,500 members with interest in specialized areas of pediatrics…[who] present educational order to highlight current research and practical knowledge in their respective subspecialties” (About the AAP, 2016). Parents will feel more open to believing the information that the website presents to them because they know the page was created by a specialist in ADHD. Mentioning the organization 's long-standing position in health care also establishes its credibility. The site says that the AAP “was founded in June 1930 by 35 pediatricians who met in Detroit in response to the need for an independent pediatric forum to address children’s needs” (About the AAP, 2016). The longevity of the organization leads the audience to believe that the AAP ha...

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...r more children have ADHD or more children are receiving a diagnosis of ADHD...” (Causes of ADHD: What We Know Today, 2015).This allows readers to have a debate and potentially develop their own opinion on the topic. Readers are in no way influenced by what would be considered the author’s opinion since there is no evidence proving the cause of increased diagnoses. Keeping the website factual and unbiased maintains its stance as a reliable website attempting to thoroughly educate the public.
Credibility, accuracy, and objectivity make the AAP 's website effective. By meeting these three criteria, the AAP created a page that can inform anyone on different aspects of ADHD. It stands above the rest and reflects the AAP’s position as a leader in children’s health. The site epitomizes what a quality website entails and serves as an effective tool to educate the public.

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Essay about The American Academy Of Pediatrics

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