America 's Presidential Election : A Inaugural Presentation By The Ppu ( Penn Philippine Association ) And Map

America 's Presidential Election : A Inaugural Presentation By The Ppu ( Penn Philippine Association ) And Map

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The suggested talks for the month of November didn’t interest me much so I decided to attend one that wasn’t from the list. Southeast Asia Spotlight was a joined presentation by the PPU (Penn Philippine Association) and MAP (Malaysians at Penn) discussing the results of Trump election, anti-establishment rhetoric, and the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) concerning both countries. All which we have talked about in class as well. I decided to focus on the Philippines because during the discussion, the presenter said that Malaysia won’t be affected much by a Trump presidency unlike the Philippines.
The result of the 2016 US Presidential election was a great surprise to everyone, because Hillary Clinton, an experienced and well-connected politician lost to Donald Trump, a candidate who established his platform based on “homophobic, racist, and xenophobic” hyperbole. Half of the American population was disappointed, but so was the rest of the world. However, I personally wasn’t surprised with the result, especially with the trend we see in the UK (Brexit), Germany (Alternative for Germany Party becoming garnering more support) and even in the in the Philippines wherein Rodrigo Duterte, sometimes called as Trump of the East, won the Presidential election with a landslide victory over heavily favoured Mar Roxas, a Wharton graduate and the protégé of Ninoy Aquino (previous president). The Philippine election was like a predecessor of the US election and for most Filipinos living in the States. Duterte, like Trump, said unbelievably preposterous things which continued even after his election (e.g. antagonizing the US, the Philippines strongest ally, the UN, and even cursing on the Pope). He also made fun of an Australian who w...

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...e they think losers are left to fend for themselves. The Philippines is strikingly similar to the US on most of its concurrent positions. It may be because the Philippines was heavily influenced by the United States which resonates even today. However, it should also be remembered that this stance on international relations is not only in the US or the Philippines but other Western countries. While the world is moving towards barrier-less relations, the people are crying for distinctiveness which, I think, will continue as time goes on. The people may cry all they want (protest vote/ anti-establishment), but countries who succumb to the pressure will eventually be the losers of this rapidly advancing world and may be damaged to an irreparable degree. As history has proven time and time, isolationism and populism have never been effective and practical in the long run.

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