America 's Opportunity Program For Medical Insurance Essay

America 's Opportunity Program For Medical Insurance Essay

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Is there one tradition that I have that I could pass down to the next generation of my children and grandchildren? There is one tradition that I could pass down to my next generation of my children and grandchildren that is by passing my surname or last name that represent the meaning of a Chinese family. Living as a Chinese family in China and United State of America, but the only difference between these two countries is the offer program that these two countries like United State of America has more opportunity program for medical insurance or help compare to China that have less opportunity program. Also the school in Monterey Trail High School in the United State of America has more opportunities in helping in tutoring to pass the exit exam for English Writing considering the fact that I have disadvantage for transferring and finishing high school for only one year while learning English Writing at the same time. This is my true identity of being Chinese race and overcame challenge from graduating high school in United State of America.
Every Chinese race has a Chinese surname ...

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