America 's New Common Core Standards Essay

America 's New Common Core Standards Essay

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American education has been falling behind the world for some time now and the US government has come up with an idea that they believe will put us back in the race. This idea is called common core and it has been taken nation wide, and majority of all states have accepted this new education curriculum for math and science. Florida has accepted common core but changed the name to The Florida Standards to lower the disapproval from the citizens of this state, but that is not enough. The Florida Standards are not good for us and are to much on our students.

First, I will tell you what the Florida Standards are and the difference it has from Common Core. When you go to the Florida Department of Education website you will come across a whole section dedicated to the Florida Standards. The State website describes the Florida Standards as a “higher standards that challenge and motivate our students…” So what does that mean? According to an article titled “Understanding Florida’s new Common Core standards” written by Erin Kourkounis these new standards are “A set of language arts and math skills students will be expected to master by the end of each grade from kindergarten to grade 12. Skills related to media and technology use are incorporated throughout the standards.” People who don 't follow educational policies and changes are confused by what this all means and why people are so upset about it. What has most people up in arms is not the Florida Standards themselves but common core and so the first thing you should know is the Florida Standards is Common Core with one small difference. Florida took Common Core from kindergarten to 12th grade and made only 98 changes in the curriculum and then changed the name of it. Why is t...

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...ored by kindergarten standards. Common Core is asking to much from out children and they are pushing them to far.

So what do we do… that is the big question in everyones mind. Obviously these Florida Standards and Common Core are no good for our teacher, students, or parents. So we must become educated on the subject and prove to our state that we are not improving the lives of our country but instead creating a generation that will be overworked and over stressed by the time they are 10 years old. Show the country that the idea of being on the same level as the other states in not better than leaving our special need learners behind or taking the joy away from our children as they learn. So standup and help share the horror of the Florida Standards to your friends and neighbors and one day we will help the nation see that our students and our future deserve better.

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