America 's Life Without Coffee Essay

America 's Life Without Coffee Essay

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Imagine a life without coffee. It is scary, isn’t it? Coffee is the elixir of life. This is seen with the statistic that Americans alone drink four hundred million cups of coffee each day. While the United States drinks a lot of coffee, Sweden and Finland drink more than double what Americans do with seventeen to twenty-two pounds versus Americas nine pounds (“Coffee Statistics”). There may be a day in the future where Monday mornings do not consist of a giant cup of coffee to get through the day, or meeting friends for a cup of joe to catch up on work or school. Coffee runs could come to an end by the year 2080 because coffee will be extinct due to global warming.
No one is exactly sure how or when coffee came about, but there are many theories. One says that a goat herder named Kaldi first discovered the magical beans. He came across it after he saw his goats eat cherry berries. Kaldi noticed how much energy they then had. After reporting his discovery to the local monastery, the monk turned the beans into a drink that humans could use to keep up their energy. As word moved east around the Arabian peninsula, coffee began to make its journey around the Earth. The drink made its way to Europe and the New World. As coffee plantations began popping up, it made its way to the Americas (Murray). With plantations on the rise, farmers discovered that the process from cherry to mug is a long and strenuous one. This is important because as global warming continues it causes problems growing coffee and the supply does not meet the demand.
Coffee beans come out of what is called a coffee cherry. This is not a cherry that might be on a milkshake, but it does look like a cross between an enlarged red cranberry and a cherry. Once the coffee c...

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...s hindered because of climate change then there is a greater risk. Looking into this issue of coffee extinction from a business perspective, it is crucial to address now and look ten to thirty years down the road to avoid chaos (Loria).
Coffee is a world wide economy booster. It is strenuous process to go from plant to cup but well worth it. Coffee has many benefits both internal and external, but without it the world would suffer and go into shock. Millions of people would lose their jobs, everyone from the farmers to baristas would have to find a new source of income. A report by The Climate Institute suggests that as long as global warming continues at it’s current rate and farmers continue intense farming, coffee will be extinct by 2080 (Agerholm). Coffee is a necessity to the world so immediate action is required to help end global warming and keep coffee alive.

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