America 's Lack Of A Decent Primary Education Essay

America 's Lack Of A Decent Primary Education Essay

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America is known for many great things but primary education is not one of them. Particularly in Arizona, education is ranked very poorly compared to all other states. The reason for this rock-bottom rank is because of low state funding provided to Arizona primary schools which have a direct correlation to a students’ performance in school. Also, this state reports the lowest amount of available dollars on instruction which impacts both the teachers and students in an extremely negative way. Overall, there are ways to solve Arizona 's lack of a decent primary education but without the support of an increase in funding, it will be hard to move up the ranking.
Every public school in America is allocated a budget to spend on necessary school supplies, after-school athletics, extracurricular activities, and other fees that let the school function properly. In a recent audit report for the state of Arizona done by the Auditor General, Debra Davenport, she begins the report by stating Arizona has spent the lowest amount of available dollars on instruction than it has in over fifteen years (Davenport p. 1). Due to the decrease in instruction costs, Arizona schools have had to make cuts in areas that would not affect students in the classroom but would rather affect the student outside of school. These negative effects include cuts in funding for art programs and sports that have little popularity. The reason this is important is due to a students ' ability to create a social structure outside the classroom. Going through high school, counselors always say to participate in school, both in the classroom and out as it will help with the students ' grade. But due to these program cuts, students ' have fewer choices in after-school program...

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...nt primary education is not just due to the lack of funding and budget cuts but also partially at fault to the students and the teachers. For students going through primary education right now, it is essential that they are being offered as many extracurricular activities that the school can afford while maintaining a lower pupil per teacher average. To fix this in the coming years, Arizona should increase taxes since this state is ranked lower than the national average. With the recent pass of Proposition 123 and a push towards an increase in taxes, school districts will be able to support the community with an overall better education. But for now, Proposition 123 by itself, will provide Arizona school districts the minimal funding needed to supply classrooms with necessary materials and upgrades for modern technology while trying to not induce any more budget cuts.

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