America 's Gender Pay Gap Essay

America 's Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Hartmann, Heidi. "America 's Gender Pay Gap Is at a Record Low, but Hold the Celebration."
Fortune., 22 Sept. 2015. Web. 06 Dec. 2015.
The pay gap is a critical factor to consider when discussing gender inequality in the workplace. In this article, the author states that women’s wages have been stagnant for more than a decade, and the pay gap has remained at about 11,000 dollars to 12,000 dollars since 2001. The author does mentions the Women’s Policy Research, which implies that women will not see equal pay until 2059, which is 44 years from now! Lastly, the author gives possible strategies that can be observed to fight and suppress the pay gap. This article is a great way of approaching the pay gap issue and made me realized how difficult it will be to address it. This source will serve as support to my argument because it has key point about the pay gap that I would like to use in my research paper. More importantly, it really helped me understanding the pay gap.
Lightner, Renee. "Women in the Workplace: By the Numbers." WSJ. The Wall Street Journal.
30 Sept. 2015. Web. 06 Dec. 2015.
This article is about the study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co. This research suggests that despite the support women receive in order to attain the top positions, gender equality is a long way off at most U.S companies. Women are underrepresented at every level of companies, especially at the highest levels. The study shows that most women express their desire to occupy highest position; however, they face greater barriers to advancement, and a most disturbing path to leadership posts. The misrepresentation of women in the highest levels is not due to their unwillingness, but to others factors such as gender bias and gend...

... middle of paper ... in America. The percentage of women in top management positions and in corporate board has stalled. The author points out that women presence in top management position today remain below 9 percent. Also, women’s representation on Fortune 500 boards is slightly higher at almost 17 percent, but hasn’t shifted in eight years. In fact, even if a notable increased in women’s representation in top management positions did happen, the rate of change began to slow and the improvement eclipsed by the persistence of gender inequalities in the workplace. This article lights many important facts about the sluggish progress of gender equalities in corporate America that are constructive for my research paper. I will use the facts listed in this article in order to make my argument stronger. Also, this article has very good statistical information that will help me as well.

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