Essay on America 's Fascination With Drones

Essay on America 's Fascination With Drones

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America’s Fascination with Drones
Within the recent decade, America’s fascination with drones has increase with popularity among hobbyists, the military, businesses, the public, and many other groups. There are many conflicting reports that show the military’s use of drones is harmful, while other reports state their use provides several benefits to combating military targets overseas. As more people become concerned about the safety of drones, and whether their potential uses could be considered harmful, more and more groups advocate for laws to be set in place to respond to these fears. On the other side of this debate are the potential uses and market places for drones, which are constantly being explored by companies, government agencies, and hobbyists. What many people lack understanding of is that drones can become a useful tool in the right hands and that the market places for drones is increasing exponentially with each passing year. As the public’s obsession with drones continues to increase and the debate continues, one thing remains clear, whether it’s popular or not drones are going to continue to undergo advancement in their technology and designs. What people are most concerned about is the legal and ethical implications drones pose to the public and the rest of the world. Overall, drones are useful to the military and pose very few ethical issues when strikes are conducted legally. They’re also useful in several different marketplaces as the technology behind drones is constantly being improved. As of now, drones pose no threat to the public due to many laws and regulations being put into place to protect the public.
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I. Military Drones and how they affect the Protection of Civilians
A. Issues tha...

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...ommonly called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and have been used in conflicts such as Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and humanitarian relief operations such as Haiti. Jeremiah states that UAS offer two main advantages over manned aircraft: they are considered more cost-effective, and they minimize the risk to a pilot’s life. The Department of Defense currently possesses five UAVs in large numbers: The Air Force’s Predator, Reaper, and Global Hawk, and the Army’s Hunter and Shadow. Congressional considerations include the proper pace, scope, and management of the Department of Defense’s UAS procurement; appropriate investment priorities for UAS versus manned aircraft; UAS future roles and applications; legal issues arising from the use of UAS; issues of operational control and data management; personnel issues; industrial base issues; and technology proliferation.

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