America 's College Promise Act Essay

America 's College Promise Act Essay

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I am a student at Norco College and I see myself being an advocate for the “America’s College Promise Act”. I see this as a great opportunity for individuals to learn, grow and not have to worry about debt which is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people do not attend college. A lot of the times people don’t have money to afford the fees the school require even when they are employed. Being a community college student who works part time to attend school full time I know how expensive it can be to be a student. In addition, although I do get FAFSA which pays for my classes it’s hard to make ends meet sometimes with having to pay for books, the fees we have to pay every semester, transportation to come to school, and let’s not forget school supplies. I am also worried about the possible debt after I get my bachelor’s degree because of what the financial aid office have helped me with. I’m worried about not being able to pay the fees off if FAFSA ends up charging me for it. In addition, I’ve heard many stories from students who have a ridiculous amount of debt and they are not ...

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