America 's An Immigrant From Honduras Essay example

America 's An Immigrant From Honduras Essay example

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There are billions of people in this world, every person has a different story and background of where they come from. Some people are privileged with the life they are given, others are not. We choose if we want to better ourselves with the life God has given us and hope for the best we make the right decisions. Throughout our lives we cross paths with many people and these people are willing to sit down and listen to our story. For this story it brings two people together into one when we crossed paths and it made our lives perfect.
I am wanting to share my story coming into the United States of America as an immigrant from Honduras. I grew up in Honduras which is not as safe as people would think. Growing up in this country, there was a constant fear of my own safety. Walking around the streets, no one knew if they would be assaulted for doing very minimal activities. There was also a fear being at home, not knowing if you were going to be robbed that night. Crime is a big issue in Honduras and that is something I am grateful to leave behind me. The days were longer than they are in the United States, I was free do anything I wanted; the community was different there than it is here. In Honduras it was much more together and close, everyone knew what was going on in each other’s lives while in the states, people keep to their selves and watch people pass by.
As I grew older my family decided to move to the United States of America and I was left behind because I was not ready to leave my home country. A few years passed and I was missing my family greatly, I never was able to see them and it was hard to not speak to them daily. At this time I knew I needed to move to this beautiful country. I spoke to many people and they in...

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...rew up in the area of McGaheysville and we were one of the first Latino families; most of the people in the area were white. There were challenges during school not only did my peers make racial comments but my principal did as well. This is something that I will never forget however it has made me a stronger person and learning how to respond to these types of comments through non-aggressive way or ignore them. Racial remarks still occur and I am treated differently than a white person would be treated such as people may make comments that they do not realize but they would never say anything like that to their white friends. At some points it gets tiresome and annoying. My sister and I did not share with people that our parents were immigrants because back in that time people would have possibly called them in to Immigration and have them deported back to Mexico.

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