Essay America Needs Internet Privacy Laws

Essay America Needs Internet Privacy Laws

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Humans have a very interesting dependence on the Internet. Since its creation in 1990 by the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Internet has grown exponentially into a vast web of information capturing unsuspecting humans in its inescapable net. The Internet has greatly enhanced the way we communicate with each other which has allowed the discovery of great scientific and technological advancements. However, in all of its glory, the Internet also has its pitfalls. Because of the Internet, humans have grown an attachment that has developed a sort of “symbiotic” relationship between humans and the interface. And with this relationship was brought the ability to collect data from anyone and everyone who has access to it. Data collection is one of the most debated topics of this technological age and while it may have a few benefits, it is a bigger hindrance than it is an asset.
Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter; all of these companies are household names, three of which are among the most powerful and most valuable brands in the world (Google even making the top 5)(Forbes). Although many may not know it these companies are monitoring all our activity and using the information they gather to tailor our “browsing experience to be more enjoyable.” What this means is that these companies and many like them are recording what websites we go to, what links we click on, what videos we watch, and are using that information to insert advertisements that they think would interest us (The Times editorial board). While this is a brilliant marketing strategy, whatever happened to our expectations of privacy? Should we even have an expectation of privacy anymore? Many people see social media sites like Facebook an...

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