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America Needs Energy from Coal Essay example

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Living in Eastern Kentucky, a region that relies heavily on the coal industry, most find the dispute about coal senseless. Majority argues that coal is a major cause of the pollution within our country. However, coal is a beneficial resource; coal generates electricity. Consider the well-known saying, "Coal Keeps the Lights On." I believe when people are against coal and feel that it is too dangerous for our families or communities, they need to look at where we would be without coal. In my hometown there are numerous families supported by coal. It is how we provide warmth for our homes, lights in the house and food on our tables. Not only is it a huge job provider in our region, but it is also a lot cheaper than wind turbines and/or gas.
Throughout my life, I have heard many people and critics say mining is too dangerous and is the cause of too many deaths. However, accidents and deaths can occur in any job. Coal mining can be dangerous, but just like every other job, safety is a number one priority. According to "Most Dangerous Jobs in 2011," the job with the highest fatality rate was fishing related workers with a rate of 116 per 100,000. Next is logging workers with a fatality rate of 91.9 per 100,000. Third
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are pilots and flight engineers at a fatality rate of 70.6 per 100,000. Fourth are miscellaneous extraction workers (such as earth drillers and blaster/explosive operators) with a fatality rate of 64.2 per 100,000. Next are farmers and ranchers at a rate of 41.4 per 100,000. Falling into sixth place are coal miners with a fatality rate of 38.9 per 100,000. Next are mining machine operators at 38.7 per 100,000. Then are roofers at 32.4 per 100,000. After that are refuse and recycling collectors at a rate...

... middle of paper ... shut down.
The production of energy from any source must create value to society while minimizing damage to the people or environment as much as possible. Every industry has had environmental struggles to overcome, and the coal industry has been a leader in reforming environmental policies. The coal companies have the top technology and top scientists working to enforce this. In summary, coal is a vital part of today’s modern society, and is a natural resource. A great number of people and countries depend on coal for power and many other products. Our hard-working miners in towns across the nation are providing a necessary service for the nation and the world, as well as providing for their own families. Coal energy is dependable, affordable, and helps our economy better than any other alternative energy source available. It is an essential part of our lives.

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