Essay about America Needs Civil Disobedience

Essay about America Needs Civil Disobedience

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Civil disobedience, showing defiance against obeying a law or accepting a principle deemed unjust by his or her conscience. Advocates of civil disobedience, usually used as a form of passive resistance, use their morals to support their illegal actions for the sake of bringing awareness to their plight. Many faced beatings, imprisonment, and even death for pursuing a change and a revolution. The strategy of breaking laws has evoked the controversy of the integrity of civil disobedience. The proclaimers of civil disobedience have many points that obviously substantiate their views on the topic. (Civil Disobedience)

Although the public has all these forms of legal retaliation, some feel it is necessary to take more urgent actions to defy legislation felt to be wrong. While it is assumably one of the grandest motivations for revision, civil disobedience is permanently locked in the area that resolves between right and wrong. Civil disobedience asks the question of whether or not breaking a law is just.

The civil disobedience ideology goes as far back as biblical sources, but the author who originally coined the phrase in 1849 through the novel On The Duty of Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau, would declare "unquestionably." Thoreau explains his concept that the people, who bestows the government its authority, ought to follow the wills of their conscience in rejecting unjustified regulations. In other words our government slip by the morally right in several manners and tolerating unfair laws calmly is not in our principle significance. (Johnson) Through history, the technique of Civil disobedience have been used by revolutionist, suffragists, pacifists, advocates of the disabled, as well as several other protesters....

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