Essay on America Needs Alternative Fuels

Essay on America Needs Alternative Fuels

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The United States is dying. Between the economy, the federal budget, unemployment, healthcare, immigration, education, the environment, and pollution, America has plenty on its plate as far as the issues currently facing the country. Concern for the environment, the effect people have on it, and the problem of pollution have been addressed in America for years, but what has really been done? Most would say something along the lines of “nothing” or “not much.” Many would say not enough has been done, but the responsibility really comes down to the American people to make changes to their lifestyles. Many options have been presented to reduce the nation’s pollution, but no real action has been taken to put measures into mass effect across the country. Alternative fuels are one of many things Americans can use to benefit the country. These alternative fuels can include ethanol, electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, and biodiesel. Using alternative fuels is beneficial because they release less harmful emissions into the atmosphere, utilize renewable resources, and promote energy independence.
A major reason that alternative fuels are so beneficial is that they release less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The pollutants that coal releases into the atmosphere are greenhouse gases which change the climate for the worse (Marcovitz 7). The burning of coal leaves large amounts of toxic waste behind. This toxic waste contains plenty of mercury, selenium, arsenic, lead, and other harmful elements (Marcovitz 6).
There are many causes of air pollution. The main culprits in the United States come from automobiles and electrical power plants (Shaw 37). Again, the pollution coming from electrical power plants is fro...

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