America Needs a Variable Minimum Wage Essay

America Needs a Variable Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum wage is the least amount of money that an employer is legally required to pay an employee. It is something that all people in the American workforce know about. It was made to prevent the employer from taking advantage of employees. It is what creates the bare minimum standard of living for the 73.9 million hourly wage workers in the United States. However, there are many different jobs with varying amount of skills that are needed for those jobs. This is where the problem arises because a worker may still be under paid for the job that they do. This problem splits the population into two main groups, one that wants the minimum wage to be raised and another that wants the minimum wage to remain the same, or to even be abolished. However there is a third and possibly more successful option that many people do not propose. Minimum wage as it stands now is too generalized and low for the scope of jobs it applies to. Therefore this third option is that working wages should vary among the different sectors of the workforce depending on the different skills needed and effort required for those jobs.

Minimum wage was first established in 1938 during the Great Depression by President Franklin Roosevelt to protect the tens of thousands of workers working in sweat shops and factories in America from exploitation. He signed the Fair Labor Standards Act that year which introduced various regulations including banning child labor, establishing workplace safety statutes and arguably the most influential, creating a minimum wage standard of 25 cents per hour. Historically, many employers and fiscal conservatives violently opposed the law arguing that minimum wage could hurt employers, much as they argue now. But President Roosevelt'...

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....S 1)" as people who earn this wage can not afford health insurance. It is not enough to handle the different needs of the people who work in different work places and is not acceptable for people who work for far less than they legally should get.

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