America Is The Most Diverse Country Of The World Essay

America Is The Most Diverse Country Of The World Essay

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I. Introduction

In the 21st century, the world has thrived tremendously by immigrants traveling to different places and keeping their culture alive. America is known to be the most diverse country in the world. Why?, because it involves people with so many different racial backgrounds such as Chinese, Mexican, Indian or Arabic. Indian markets and restaurants are known to be the most visited markets around the globe. Every corner around the world has an Indiantown where their taste in authenticity, style of preparing the food, serving the food in an appropriate manner has won many people’s hearts. Having an Indian ethnic restaurants and markets around America contributes to their own ethnic communities in numerous reasons. Leaving your motherland and beloveds behind to make a new fortune can be a very difficult, challenging obstacle in your life. Indian markets and restaurants can spread around the USA, accomplish their goals and expand their culture into newly traveled immigrants and welcome them.

II. Body Paragraphs

A). Attain profit in business for Indians can come to a point where their ethnic market and grocery stores have economical products which attracts more buyers, such as Indians to purchase more products. Yet, the economical products tend to help the Indian communities save money and keep their economy and monthly budget in balance.

1). In the article Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores by Stefan Zajic writes

“Shopping at an ethnic grocery will make a big difference in your monthly budget, enough so that it’s worth trying just for the savings” As we all know, the Indian ethnic communities such as the parents tend to move to the USA for their kids bright future and more chances. With the ...

... middle of paper ...

...many shops to gain profits and attract more Indian population into their town.

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, going far beyond and listing the contributions that the Indian Ethnic markets can make to the Indian ethnic communities. Having an ethnic market can contribute to its ethnic community by helping them save money for better, gain profit in business, increase in employment rate, attracting a numerous amount of the Indian population and fulfilling their religious beliefs and staying attached to them. Every corner around the world has an Indiantown where their taste in authenticity, style of preparing the food, serving the food in an appropriate manner has won many people’s hearts. Indian markets and restaurants can spread around the USA, accomplish their goals and expand their culture into newly traveled immigrants and welcome them.

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