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For centuries the belief that America is the land of opportunity has been spread through society by rich, white men. The vast majority of the population has been silenced through oppression. The history of America is stained with blood, and success is measured in body count. For some in society America might be considered the land of opportunity, but for them to succeed they must climb onto the backs of others. The oppression that exists in society from the 1500’s onward till today represents the blatant fallacies that exist in the statement “America is the land of opportunity.” Starting with the mistreatment of the Native Americans and then continuing onto the oppression and general practice of slavery, white men have been forcing themselves ahead of everyone else through immoral and selfish practices. In a way, yes; America is the land of opportunities, rich, white men can accomplish whatever they set their minds to with the help of those below them. The reality for the vast majority of americans is a world of oppression and suffering with no hope of success, so for that reason America as a whole is not the land of opportunity.
Oppression started through a practice of discrimination and prejudicial beliefs. Prejudicial beliefs are normally considered to be subconscious traits that manifest based on the influences of society, and American society valued the mass oppression of different races. There is a clear visual difference between the white population and those whom they oppress. The whites perceived the Natives as dirty and uncivilized making it easier to commit mass murders on the population without feeling much guilt. The collective mindset was that Native Americans were lesser, undeserving of the land they lived on there...

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...s injustices that were enacted on eleven million people destroyed an entire civilization. The only motives the Europeans had were the betterment of themselves, leaving the slave population in ruins with no hope of success. These two examples clearly show that the statement: America is the land of opportunity, is incorrect. There are no opportunities for those who live in oppression, and the scars that these injustices made have yet to fade from society. There is still a clear racial divide, and still superiors who oppress the minorities. This is present through police brutality, where the “superior” white men have on multiple occasions beat to death a minority. We see injustice everyday, and have become blind to the real issues in society. The oppression still has not stopped, so maybe even today America can still not be truly referred to as the land of opportunity.

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