America Is A Place That Contains The Good And Bad Essay example

America Is A Place That Contains The Good And Bad Essay example

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America is a place that contains the good and bad. The great and the ugly. At times,
America can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. Not to sound like a racist,
but in America the former usually applies to white people and the latter applies to our
black folk. Yes if you look at the history of America, the place hasn 't exactly been
"heaven" to many African Americans across its landscape. Over time many of our ancestors
have been enslaved by privileged white folk along with thousands of black folk ending up in
confrontations with the police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, African Americans
weren 't exactly treated with "Southern hospitality". Despite being an African
American myself, I know that America is my home. Through all the hard times, America
has given black people all around it the chance to express and be themselves.

To start with my primary family, this wonderful place known as Miami, Florida is where
we were all born and raised. My mother and father are an interesting bunch. They have
been together for a long time, from before my birth to long after. I do not know much
about the ancestry of my people, but my dad would always refer to us as African Americans,
nothing more & nothing less. My father has a strong dislike for the white man, especially if they
are police offers. A trait that I know other African Americans possess. My mother is a little
more friendly but is certainly not afraid to speak her mind in or about any situation.
My parents have been around & together for a long time in this country and I highly appreciate
the hard work and time they have put in to make sure that i 'm good. Tavie and Tevin
are my two older brothers. Tavie is the oldest and most outgoing...

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...sometimes contain collard greens,
okra, cornbread, oxtails, pigs ' feet, chitterlings and much more options to choose from.

Here in America, the presence of African Americans is far and wide. The damage that has
been dealt to the wound of African American people may not heal and close up, but America
has done some good things for African Americans as well. The times of slavery are no longer
here, black people all around have been granted many opportunities in this land to do something
special in their lifetimes. Many African Americans are big time actors & athletes as well as
politicians, doctors & lawyers. We are apart of what makes our country and the planet we live
on unique. One thing that I will never forget in life is to never forget who you are and where you
came from. I am a black, African American male from the city of Miami and I am proud of it.

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