Essay on America Is A Nation Like Ours Living Like?

Essay on America Is A Nation Like Ours Living Like?

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America was a place where everyone wanted to live, because of our striving economy . Now the United States is in an economic decline and the people living here is feeling the effect. The Poverty and unemployment rate is constantly rising if that’s not bad enough gas and food prices are higher than they have ever been. There are new problems occurring in America every day and the people that are to blame for this decline have made little effort to make a change .
America is known as one of the wealthiest nations, but 15.1 percent of the people living in the United States are dealing with poverty, so why is a nation like ours living like this? The reason for American poverty is due to the number of people who are unemployed, not only the unemployment, but not being able to get back into the workforce once being unemployed. In August 2010 a research study showed that 42 percent of people who were unemployed had been out of work for more than six months. That was much worse than past recessions and is still a major problem today. The second problem is the income equality, it is worse in the US than it has been in the past. Inequality is measured by the Gini Index. If you look back at the 1980’s the Gini Index stood at 0.374. It is now 0.458, that is a jump of 22 percent. When someone is living on the low end of the income scale, unemployment can cause a person to live in poverty. Unemployment and income equality are the two issues causing Americans to live in poverty. This occurred through recessions, although it’s not only recession problems, but big structural problems in the economy. High poverty is expected to be with America for a while.
The unemployment in America is a major problem and is constantly ri...

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... once was, American’s are buying less. The countries that export goods to the U.S. will have a reduction in demand for their products. Nations with less stable economies might suffer dramatically from this reduction in spending. This will cause those countries to be less capable of buying U.S. exports, worsening the downhill spiral.
America will have a brighter future, but first a change is needed before our countries Economy completely crashes. The United States must aim at public purpose while also reducing government discretionary power, increasing spending power, fix the banking system, restore states budgets, keep inflation under control, achieve full employment, ease tension in the mortgage market, and ensure sufficient liquidity at all times. Fixing the American economy is very possible, but only with time and these steps being put into action.

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