Essay on America and The World War II

Essay on America and The World War II

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Before America broke it’s neutrality by joining World War 2, we never fully knew the severity of what was happening in Europe. Someone horrible was going on, but no one really knew about it, not even the towns and cities it was happening near. The Holocaust, was the mass murder of about 6 million Jewish people, homosexuals, anybody with different skin, the disabled, mentally ill, etc. When the U.S. found out about this event we helped out as much as possible…. OR DID WE??? The U.S. didn't help the victims of the Holocaust, because we didn’t fully know what was going at the time, we were not concerned about it because we only focused on staying neutral, and we thought it was Europe's problem.

To start, one of the main reasons that the U.S. did not decide to help the Holocaust victims, was because the U.S. did not know of everything that was happening there. Hitler was in progress of taking over of all of Europe, and he controlled all press. Meaning that nobody knew about the horrible things going on beyond the war. Hitler allowed to become public in order to stop any oppon...

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