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America And The Great Britain Essay

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America and Great Britain
Great Britain and America have plenty of history with each other. The states originally belonged under the authority of Great Britain. The Unites States fought for freedom from England, and we eventually declared independence from them. America has stood as an independent county since 1776. Each country has different sets of values and assets, but how they govern themselves is a very tedious process to best benefit the land and the people. America and Great Britain are two entirely different countries’ with unique governments.
The American government has come a long way since the beginning. We have learned the value of leadership, and have gained respect for all people. The United States has a Republic government. A Republic nation includes; power to the people, and involves an elected representative. The main responsibility of that elected official is to fulfill the desires of the people. The people and the elected individual are very important, but things go a lot further than that. Luckily this government provides many shared powers. There are three branches that contribute to specific areas. Those branches identify themselves as the Legislative, Judicial, and the Executive branch. Although the responsibilities are divided, these branches hold themselves accountable with the Checks and Balances system. To dig deeper, the duties do not stop there. These branches have to have positions. The legislative is built up from the Senate, totaling out to 100 sitting officials. As well as the House of Representatives that has 435 representatives. The Judicial branch included the Supreme Court, and also other federal courts. The Executive Branch included the president, the vice president, and the Cabinet. All o...

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..., but they don’t get to speak up like Americans do. In 2014, Dale Hurd, tells CBN News that Great Britain has struggle with equality, mainly in the choice of sexuality. Thankfully the United States provides that right to every citizen. That definitely sounds accurate because having a family in such high position can set the standards to be bias to their particular believes. The Britaish government stands solid, and seems to suit the people and the land in the best way that it can.
The American and Britaish government are similar in some way, but overall have different approaches. These countries are generally known to be popular, generous, and take the lead in many areas. America is a young, but well developed country. Great Britain is an old, yet wise and successful country. America and Great Britain are two completely different countries’ with unique governments.

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