America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It

America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It

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America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It
Today, nearly seven billion people roam the Earth. Many of these people live in what is known as the Western World. The Western World are countries in or follow direct cultural laws of Europe. In reading Mark Steyn’s America Alone, one would discover that these Western Countries are slowly dying. Steyn writes that people called “Doom Mongers” believe that the demise is because of corruption or poverty or disease or even inflation. Those traits may exist, but the real reason for the fall is simply the fact that the birthrate of these countries cannot sustain the amount of older citizen deaths. With the decline of this culture, other cultures, particularly the Muslim culture seems to be next in line for significant growth.
The Islamic religion grew from the same branch as Christianity and Judaism. It is very similar; however the religions have significant differences that would prevent the religions ever from combining. In recent years, the Muslim community has been looked down upon by other cultures, particularly Western Countries. Although their religion is not based on war, radical Muslims have caused all Muslims to be labeled as violence seekers. For example, on September 11th, 2001, the terrorists involved in that attack happen to be Muslim, and consequently the general public blames the Muslim world as a whole. The Islamic community is one, if not the only population group with a sustainable birthrate of 2.1.
The infantilization of our citizens and propaganda against large families has already greatly lowered the birth rates in Europe to near levels of instability. The loss of civilization confidence brought about by self-hatred leaves our peoples vulnerable to Islamic Da'wa. A Da’wa means a "call" or "invitation" in Islamic faith, and has been used to refer to a person being "called" to follow Islam. However, over years it has changed from its original religious meaning into the idea of a "mission" or "propaganda," either in a political or religious sense. Pacifistic ways of the Western World makes meaningful self-defense difficult, if not impossible. The countries that are dominated by the Islamic religion are too small to sustain the population, and then add the fact that they are growing more rapidly than any other culture in the world, so something has got to give.

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Spain’s homeland population, for example is cut in half every thirty five years. Consequently, the minority Muslim populations in the dying countries of Europe are taking up the voids left by the decreased European population.
Steyn writes that in our lifetimes, the defining countries that make up the landscape of Europe, such as the boot of Italy will still be geographically intact, but that’s about it. It may still be labeled Italy, but the culture and population of Italy will have changed significantly. In a perfect world, a nation that is stable economically would have a 1 to 1 ratio of births and deaths. The population doesn’t rise or increase. In the real world however, that is simply not possible, hence the required 2.1 birthrate comes into play to maintain stability. In the countries with diminishing population, the strongly religious minority Islamic community are depended on to support the dying Western World countries and culture. At first, this may seem to work. However, Islamic culture does not allow for Muslims to intertwine with the mainstream population. It is their belief that society must learn to accept the ways of the Islamic faith, and there in comes the violence of the radical Muslims.
The United States has made it clear where we stand in the war on terror. It is possible that the government realizes what is happening to Western World society, and has called upon its allies in order to end this uprising in the Islamic faith. However, when shit hits the fan these allies are hesitant; and since the war began back in 2001 and 2002, the support from these allies has diminished. It is as if they do not fear that the threat against Western World culture does not apply to them, when Muslim society is growing rapidly right under their noses. Within decades, the Islamic faith may very well be the dominant religion in Europe. It is for this reason why America Alone is a strong title for a book of this kind. America is alone in the fight against terror, the enemy being the radical Muslims who are trying to fight there “holy war.”
A large difference between Christianity-and for that matter many other religions, and Muslim is that Christianity is based upon faith, good works and spreading the word of Jesus Christ. In a modern definition, good works is community service, such as volunteering at charitable events to merely helping an elderly lady with groceries. The Islamic faith is based upon the same guidelines, minus Muhammad rather than Jesus. However, in the eyes of “Allah” keeping your faith and spreading the word means to take out any threat towards Islamic faith. It is ironic that radical Muslims attack the threats, otherwise known as the Western World, the Western World fights back and the Muslims take it as a threat against their own culture. Therefore, Steyn describes in America Alone that the only way to keep the peace is to confront these radical beliefs. The Western World can only survive if it forces the Muslims to learn to live and accept other cultures. Of course it requires the 1st world countries to combine strengths for it will be difficult to alter the foundation of Islamic faith that has stood for a few thousand years, but war will not be the final solution. As Steyn puts it “a new Dark Age” is near inevitable, and to prevent that, those steps must be taken. The problem is, European countries keep their feet up in this matter, and America stands alone.
Since Europe has its feet up on the matter that its very own culture is disappearing, its affect in this battle remains largely dependent upon the actions taken in the Middle East to fight the radical movement on its own turf. Internal destabilization is the force that Steyn points out as the only means of fighting the “holy war.” Instead of playing free safety and letting the ball come to us, it’s time to start playing quarterback and use an offensive strategy. This means cutting off everything from economic funding, to oil, to our own government system in the radical communities of the Middle East. It is clear that the enemy has its strategy down, and that they see a government form like Democracy as a threat to the Islamic faith, and hence continually destroying work and rebuilding that the West puts in to form a Western government in those countries, one of which being Iraq. Steyn goes on to point out the yearning for reform in such states as Iran, where women’s rights are virtually non-existent, are vital issues that are small but can easily upset the original blueprint of democracy. Should we tackle problems such as these? The possibility of the radicals infiltrating western civilization will be lesser due to their un-popularity among the non-radical society.
It is interesting to notice that, like in the Bible, America Alone does not describe the fate of the United States as much as Europe. Is this because the US’s fate has already been determined and that we were set up for failure from the beginning? Or do we have no part in the decline of the Western World at all until the entire world falls? Steyn looks to have set up a clear clash of the cultures, where Islamic culture is on the rise, Christian populations falling, and the falling cultures trying to hang on to their remaining resources that are being consumed by the ever growing Islamic culture. The point is that the United States supports minorities more so than any other country in the world, and that very fact may ultimately feed the minority population just enough to put an end to Western culture in America.
In reading America Alone, Steyn has certainly opened my eyes on what the world may be heading towards. Since I am not yet two decades old, my opinion and experience on this matter is slim. However, the steps that Steyn has outlined towards demise seem extreme. I believe he has some great points, for example Iran being sold information from Russia, who is in desperate need of cultural support and is trying to spread it’ own cultural knowledge elsewhere. I feel that the chances of these things happening are high, but I cannot see them happening in the near future. I have never been to Europe, but based on my readings and knowledge outside of America Alone, Europe still has a lot of pride in its culture. This is why I cannot see Europe crumbling as easy as Steyn has written.
In conclusion, America Alone really makes the readers realize that the society that they know today is in grave danger. They will be physically free from harm, but economically and socially, the world around them will eventually collapse due to the work of those who are against the founding ideas of Western Culture as found in documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the British Magna Carta. Western Society continues to believe that radical Muslims will die out due to suicide terrorism and such. But this cannot happen, simply because they are the fastest growing society currently in the world, and are far from dying out. This book may seem unlikely in its approach to how the world as we know it will end, the significance of this subject may be insignificant when comparing it the problems of the modern day world, especially the older population. However, based on Mark Steyn’s view it is our generation and the next that are going to end up fighting to save the ideals, culture, and morals of the Western World as we know it. In the defense of the character of our society, it is America alone.
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