Essay on Americ Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Essay on Americ Where The Rubber Meets The Road

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Community Colleges in America: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
In the article “Two Years Are Better Than Four,” Liz Addison argues against another article that implies that college isn’t important to students anymore. Addison feeds off of her own community college experience as the base of her argument. Addison believes that community colleges give people an unconditional chance to succeed. Addison implies that community colleges allow students to gain initial confidence in college criteria at an affordable price. She argues that more emphasis should be put on the importance of community colleges in America as they cover the country community by community (Addison). Community college students, according to Addison, then end up seeking further education at four year institutions.
I agree with Liz Addison that college is still important to students. Community colleges are where the rubber meets the road in this country. Community colleges offer an unconditional acceptance that engulfs prior circumstances in life and academic past, to be replaced with an encouraging amount of confidence.
Not everyone that moves on from high school is immediately destined to go to a four year university. Some people move straight into the workforce. Some join the armed forces of this great nation. Circumstances are different for every one of us. Should a single mother who has no other initial choice but to work full time to provide for her child be labeled a failure? Should the young man who quits high school to be a machine operator at the local manufacturing company due to parental illness be deemed less than worthy? The fact is, life throws a curve ball every now and again. However, community colleges are waiting with open arms for anyone and...

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...nce is transferred into a four year degree. These overlooked and undervalued colleges are where the rubber meets the road.
Liz Addison said it best as she stated “please tell him that hope can begin with just one placement test.” Community colleges provide that hope. No matter the previous career path, preventive circumstances, prior academic history or lack of self-confidence, these colleges provide the tools for anyone to further their education. The common students at these facilities understand the importance of education because they’ve experienced the beast of life. One could argue that perhaps this understanding goes a bit deeper than that of one at a four year institution. Any way you slice it, community colleges offer the ability for everyone to academically arrive on common ground. This should be a triumph, not a nuisance.

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