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America: the new world, the new frontier, the beautiful, the gold country, the land of opportunity, the place where dreams come true, the land of eternal more. These are a few mottos of American culture; they all have something in common, they promise; 'more. ' ‘More’, is an ideology that America was built on, as Shames describes in his essay, The More Factor, how in early America this ideology was so rampant that people took huge risk, for 'more. ' “There was a presumption that America would keep on booming--if not forever, then at least longer than it made sense to worry about. There would always be another gold rush, another Homestead Act, another oil strike. The next generation would always ferret out opportunities that would be still more lavish than any that had gone before. America was those opportunities … and this led to a national turn of mind that might usefully be thought of as the habit of more.” (Shames, Laurence) This 'more factor ' can be seen in the very way people spend there money and present themselves; what people do with their free time. Culture in America is a culture of more, although there are two very distinct poles that exist within American culture we would define as 'mainstream culture ' and 'counter culture. ' Although these two distinctions are in seemingly polar opposition to one another they are at the same time racing towards 'more. ' We will analyze this through the eyes of the countercultural anti-Starbucks community.
In America the mainstream culture is all about a hyper-consumerism, and an ongoing competition to look rich. Daniel Gross discusses this in detail in his essay You 're Not Rich, but Now You Can Fake It, the title gives a pretty fair hint to what Gross is getting at. Every...

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...nted local artists, and supporting alternative local media and fundraising activities for activist groups, such as the AIDS support network.” (Thompson, Craig) The binges can even feel good about going to Starbucks as they have also adopted the counter culture into their systems.
“The countercultural idea has become capitalist orthodoxy, its hunger for transgression upon transgression now perfectly suited to an economic-cultural regime that runs on ever-faster cyclings of the new; its taste for self-fulfillment and its intolerance for the confines of tradition now permitting vast latitude in consuming practices and lifestyle experimentation.” (Frank, Thomas) The line has been grayed between which side we are on, big companies who are along the lines of the mainstream have fully adopted counterculture to be just culture; the only real culture is the culture of more.

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