Americ The Land Of The Free, Where People 's Dreams Come True

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America: the land of the free, where people 's dreams come true. Many people all around the world want to immigrate to America for a chance to make their dreams come true or to escape the nightmares of their county. America needs a new policy that will help both Americans and the immigrants. The new policy America needs is to make English a requirement for all immigrants. This program is called English For Migrants(EFI). EFI will be paid for by the american 's tax money and once the immigrants have a favorable income they will pay a percentage of the funding. EFI will help both Americans and immigrants because it will help immigrants get jobs and build businesses, EFI will make it easier for immigrants to become a U.S citizen and EFI will help immigrants be able to adapt faster. To begin, EFI will benefit both Americans and immigrants because it will make it easier for immigrants to get jobs and build businesses. Immigrants will obtain jobs easier because they can easily communicate with their employer and be more of a competition to other Americans. “A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies found that one in five U.S. residents or 61.8 million people speak a language other than English at home”(Pete Kasperowicz). In America, 20% of the U.S population can not speak English. This will put 20% of the population at a disadvantage when applying for jobs. With everyone having the capability to speak English, this will add 61.8 million people whose employers can now hire them because the immigrants have now become more reliable and skilled. Now that migrants are able to speak English, they can more easily create business because they can build relationships with their customer and they can easily learn how to maintain and ... ... middle of paper ... ...rning a language will take time. But it 's better to start at the beginning and be rewarded from the benefit than start when it is too late. The time and money that is spent will in return help the American people more than it harms them. Some Americans might not want to help immigrants just because they are not Americans, but they have forgotten what kind of people America is made of. We need to help the immigrants because they are the future of America. Immigrants help build America and they will help build the government if given the right tools. In conclusion, EFI is based around all immigrants learning English. This will not only help immigrants, but Americans too. This will help immigrants gain jobs, boost the U.S economy, become citizens, and become a part of the U.S democracy and help immigrants prosper in America and bring everyone together as a whole.

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