Americ The Land Of The Free, Home Of Brave And Breeding Ground For The Obese

Americ The Land Of The Free, Home Of Brave And Breeding Ground For The Obese

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United We Fall
America: the land of the free, home of the brave and breeding ground for the obese. America has long since become the reigning champions in this category, ranking first for many years, only recently being marked out by the likes of Mexico.
The rate of childhood obesity has gradually increased from 6.5 to 19.6% in the last thirty years. Since the early 1980s the childhood obesity rate has skyrocketed and has become a modern-day epidemic in the United States. These statistics are tragic because children who are obese are more likely to suffer from health problems and diseases such as type 1/2 diabetes, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal discomfort, and breathing problems. There have been many mainstream solutions proposed like regulating what is sold in school vending machines, having healthier food choices, and regulating portion sizes, but they have all proved to have faults due to one reason or another. Though these solutions have been presented to be the most effective way to tackle childhood obesity, they have not been successful because they fail to acknowledge that people may not have access to certain resources, or may not have the sufficient funds to support a healthy life.
Childhood obesity has become a big problem in America since the early 80s. More children between the ages 6-11 are becoming overweight which has contributed to America being the number one obese country before Mexico surpassed it in March of 2013. (Berman) This epidemic is a problem because it can add up to health problems that usually last for life if not treated properly. In the article How Has the Childhood Obesity Rate Changed in the Last 30 Years? some of the problems mentioned are, “diabetes, cardiovascular diseas...

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...h M. Lee, physical activity specialist at the Division of Adolescent and School Health titled The Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity they argue that, “Schools cannot solve the obesity epidemic on their own, but it is unlikely to be halted without strong school-based policies and programs.” They are claiming that schools play the most important role because 95% of children are in school for at least eight hours a day and that there have been studies that show that there has been a correlation between children participating in physical activities in school and the slight decrease in the obesity rate. However, what they fail to realize is correlation does not equal causation. Just because there has been a connection doesn’t mean it is the solution because nowadays most children will refuse to do something if they personally feel like they do not have to.

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