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Americ The Land Of Opportunity Essay

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The United States presents its citizens with great oppurtunity. One can be a doctor, an actor, a lawyer, a singer, a president, or a combination of the professions. Indeed, the possibilities are endless, that is, if the American citizen were to have a degree. Unfortunately, however, it is not as easy as it sounds to attain a degree post High-School; in fact, for many, it is almost impossible. College to many is starting to become more of a fantasy, rather than a possibility. ‘America: the land of opportunity’ is slowly starting to become ‘America: the land of opportunity... for people who can afford to go to a university for four to ten years’. This can not be the reality, people should not be limited by their circumstances. The opportunity that America presents should be accessible to everyone and it starts by helping out those who need it. Free community college will provide an ambitious student the extra boost to pursue their dream career and fulfill a life of prosperity.
Money is not abundant and it very evident to most Americans today. Many face difficulties purchasing a sustainable car, let alone a bachelor’s degree. Banks has offered a solution to people’s circumstances by allowing for students to apply for student loans, but that does not really solve the financial problem. Sure, the first semester may be covered, but by the time they have graduated their swimming in more debt than they even believed was possible. That reality is scary to most students - the idea that one will be paying off their debts till they die. And if they do not get a great job immediately after they graduate, the debt they will have acquired from student loans will beat them senseless. It is a reality that is all too familiar to a lot of cit...

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...portant as a country littered with wealthy people. Free community college gives each student the chance to be smarter than they were, to have new ideas, to think beyond their beliefs. Diminishing ignorance is just as important as having a sound career.
Free community college is indeed an investment, a sound investment. The country as a whole may not gain from it immediately, but it surely will. Students will have the confidence to continue their education post High-School. Students will rest assured knowing that the probability of getting a solid career or job is high. Individuals will feel empowered by the knowledge that they can acquire. America’s citizens can be the best they can be if they are slightly lifted. That first step for them will be monumental and with hard-work and dedication, they will ensure their well-being and the success of America as a whole.

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