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Americ The American Dream Essay

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America is a separation of the elite society and the impoverished lower class, the middle class is pulled between the worlds of elite and improvised constantly tumbling in this race for success. America is a representation of a culture an ideal a philosophy, a state. America is forever ingrained in our minds as the land of the free, the American dream, and a place of golden opportunity. However make no mistake America is a corporation thriving for power, money, and success this is the true American dream . In America we have education, status, wealth, labels, war, terror, nature,and oppression. Defining this society is impossible because of the fluctuating diversity that make up this great nation. Our ideology represents freedom, rights, and the pursuit of happiness. In this great nation we express our creativity, using emotions and our right of protest, actions and art. We create jobs, build corporations and support big business. Many time we have pulled ourselves up by our boot straps, shattered our dreams and died going after our long lost opportunities. America is made up of education, lifestyle, and war this is what makes our nation strong. America social settings is what makes America distinctive and running like a well-oiled machine. America needs the separation of classes to keep the American dream alive and well.
The separation of classes and power is distinct in America, in the great Gatsby during the roaring twenties it was the rich who played, had parties, and made money. The poor made children, got poorer and overall had a crappy life. F. Scott Fitzgerald created a society that dramatized the distinction for classes in American society. For example the situation between Tom and George, while tom talked shop with his...

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...lating our surroundings based on where we stand in our class. In superman and me Sherman Alexie points out that a smart minority is dangerous because we are supposed to live up to our stereotypes that have been cast down to us from birth. Yet when anybody tries to tries above their station they are forcibly pushed back because of the danger it presents to the American social system already in place. There are many factors that contribute to the American social system, outside factors influence American daily lives as do inside factors. Big business, small business, labels, clothes, foreign policy, immigration all deal with this American social, political standing that Americans are judged by on a daily basis. America has a social class system that may be invisible but is there and it defines and pushed everybody down into a neat slot and there is no way to fight it.

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